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"Sasuke never cared about Sakura!" 

Excuse me but…








Oh wait wait…




Yea Sasuke never cared about Sakura to the point that she filled his lonely existence with love.


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Guys, really lol. Sasuke took the two people who were next to him. If Sakura had come to him, he would have taken her. This chapter was about his lack of power and getting jealous of Naruto.

Sasuke said he was taking Juugo and Naruto to highlight how Naruto treats Kurama as a peer. Naruto says the same thing as Sasuke, he’s taking the people in his vicinity but Includes Kurama which the Kyuubi takes note of. This shows Sasuke’s lack of respect for Bijuu and how Naruto looks upon them with respect. 

Sasuke is forced to watch his rival have enough power to save everyone. The power to relocate people far away, something Sasuke did not have the power to do. He was far enough away that Sakura couldn’t even see him without Hinata’s eyes. Aoda was going to be summoned, take the people there, and scram - fast. 

I’m saying it again: this chapter is about a power struggle and Sasuke’s jealousy. Sasuke did not have the ability to reach out to Sakura or the alliance and Naruto did. If he could he would have. The guy is fighting to protect Konoha and a good chunk of them are in that alliance. Instead he has to bite his tongue while the dobe does what he cannot.

Also, he legit just saved her like 30 minutes ago manga time. 

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How Kishimoto describes Sakura’s feelings:

“Even during winter it keeps it’s beauty, never losing to the cold. A strong flower that waits for the hope of spring”

"As long as we live under the same sky, silently and strongly, for that day I wait"

“When I look up to the sky between the narrow roofs, it reminds me of you, the one who is far, far away.”


"The power to break open a path and see beyond. The power to find you"


“Naruto is close and she worries about Naruto as well, but as expected, she loves Sasuke.”

 “Looks like Sakura really does love Sasuke

How Kishimoto describes Karin’s feelings:

From Karin’s profile in Databook:

“Then Orochimaru died, and Sasuke stood before her. Why is she so obsessed with him?

So yes, Karin is obsessed with Sasuke. It’s really hilarious some people are still denying it even it was confirmed by author himself. LMAO.

And BIG NO for those who thinks that “ravage” scene was just for comic relief:


Masashi Kishimoto again:

"Behind her usual moody demeanor, Karin conceals a dangerous love for Sasuke…”

Kishimoto used that panel to show how dangerous Karin’s feelings are. That wasn’t just for “comic relief”

Conclusion is obvious, I guess.

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Would it be wrong to say that if Karin started hitting on Sasuke in front of Naruto, Naruto would be like, ‘Btch get off Sakura’s man!’ (not that karin is a btch karin is pretty cool but it isn’t like naruto knows her) and start saying stuff right on the spot like,

'So when are you and Sakura getting married?'

'You know, Sakura's an important medical ninja, and I know you wanna restore your clan and all but refrain from knocking her up every five minutes. We need her ya' know.'

'Can I be the Godfather of you and Sakura's children?'

'If you want to restore your clan, I recommend finding Sakura immediately because these things take awhile so you should get an early start.'

'Do you really, really want another me as a wife? Uzumakis are just alike ya’know.’

'I hear Sakura's chest grew an inch over the past year.'

'It was so sad when even your Sakura-chan couldn’t stop you from leaving the village.’

'As future Hokage, I hear by ban you and Sakura from having public sex. I know you really want to, but there's children and children shouldn't witness the making of children.'

'Hey Kakashi-sensei, remember when Sasuke said he wanted to marry Sakura in his sleep?'

'Sakura-chan~! Sasuke is about to propose with this eer… Rock he found on the ground just for you!'

'Sasuke remember that time you started getting boners from Sakura so you started wearing that ugly jumpsuit-'

'I bet you think I didn't see you smack Sakura-chan's fanny when you saved her, did you?'

'Pink hair and the sharingone! Bet your kids will be really cute, huh?'

'I'm going to go ask Lady Tsunade for one of her medical books, since you probably don't know what to do with Sakura-chan since you've been holding your virtue for her for so long.'

'I know! Let's go out for ramen. I hear something in the broth is good for baby making. Though I'll be sick so it'll just be you and Sakura.'

'Oops. I accidently mixed up your medicine with viagra— Here's some photos of Sakura-chan in wanton poses she did by accident.'

'I know about those nudes you sent Sakura-chan last year.'

'Say, are you wearing Sakura-chan's undies?'

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Big NarSaks moment - Sakura’s fakefession (in which she’s talking in 70% about Sasuke), for more delusional and desperate even real confession.

As usual, trolled by their worst nightmare - Sasuke Uchiha, aka Emo Bastard, Ebil Sasgay etc.


Also trolled by their Messiah and another confirmation how deep Sakura’s love for Sasuke is:


And as if that were not enough, Yamato - their first Messiah trolled that as well. Not only that.

Also his big prophecy "Sakura, I can tell just by looking at you. The truth is you…"( How long do you know her, Yamato? A few days? )

NS: “….love Naruto”!!11!!!11

Yamato, a few months after, when Sakura’s finally confessing her tru lub:


It’s hilarious, because people are still using his words ( which he clearly disclaimed ) as a proof of canonz. Isn’t it sad?

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I remember when once on my dash appeared(I don’t know how, maybe it was one of rants or something) something about no biting lips or anything in chapter 483. BUT I was wondering how does it look like?



Sakura biting her lips from the other perspective


And Sasuke? No, he biting his lips when he was to kill(chidori ;P) Sakura? No way…



BUT it does look similar too this one:




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